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about Soma

South Third Street, south of Market Street, or SoMa, in downtown Harrisburg is an up and coming neighborhood with new residential units, popular restaurants, small shops and arts and cultural amenities. Harristown Enterprises is currently in the process of renovating additional row buildings in SoMa adding more upscale apartments at 11, 13, and 15 South Third Street.  Improvements to the neighborhood include signature SoMa banners on the street lights and market-style lighting over the street, and plans include additional plants and greenery, and a new and improved streetscape design.

SoMa is a unique and highly residential neighborhood. More than 160 students and interns live at International House Harrisburg along South Third and Chestnut Streets. Fifteen new luxury units above El Sol restaurant called “F@TT” ( Fifteen at Twenty-Two South 3rd) and 14 new pet-friendly units have been added in renovated row buildings just across the street.

El Sol Mexican Restaurant and Bricco draw diners to South Third, and small locally-owned shops bring additional customers.  

Sprocket Mural Works, a local arts non-profit, recently painted a distinct, colorful mural on one of the residential row buildings in SoMa as part of growing “mural trail” across the downtown and the City.